When money is involved the legal boundaries are endless

The legal game being played
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belgie veroordeling

Human rights not respected by Belgium shame on you


A 5-year suspended sentence, a partial forfeiture of 2 properties and then the same conviction by the FPS. A total damage value imposed by this judgment of around 4 to 7 million. And this is based on a complete miscarriage of justice and accumulation of errors, incorrect conclusions and the lack of evidence in the file drawn up by the Turnhout Police investigation team.

Brussels court

Fortunately, we received cooperation and permission from the court registry and a bailiff in Brussels who wanted to determine the absence of evidence in the file. Oh well, a mistake of about 500,000 euros… Then there is evidence that has been withheld by both the police and the lawyer and these are also loan contracts worth 500,000 euros. After all, you cannot set up a company without investing capital and private money. The evidence of the money from private investments has also been ignored by the judges.